About us:

about us

We are a young company born from a multi-year experience in the maritime sector and specifically in the storage and restyling of yachts. In the past, we have always had difficulty finding commercial partners to hire specialized jobs or specialized companies in the sale of nautical accessories.

From this problem was born the Yacht Subito Corporation, whose mission is to bring together all the companies operating in the nautical sector in one place. The goal is to be able to communicate between these companies by avoiding the annoying "mail marketing" and "spamming" and in the future create their own "circle" to develop new business.

Internal resources

The corporate structure is based on people and not on a vertical chart: the customer can interact directly with each member of the team, following step by step the construction or refitting of the boat. If the vision of the people working is the same as the corporate model, and you have the humility to make yourself available to your project, customer, and others, you get a real team of professionals. Added value, made up of people. A company that accepts innovation and certification challenges can look far away. Internal and external workers grow with us and our customers in search of an ever better relationship and better quality, investing in time and believing in a long-term relationship.


Family feeling

Cordiality and availability in handling customer relationships.


Correctness and seriousness in developing our work.

Organisational Model

A horizontal-based engagement structure and direct relationship at all levels with the customer.

Customers like ours

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